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The human attention span lasts about 8 seconds.1 As a result, brands must deliver messages that garner attention immediately and motivate people to act. Now, you can prepare to lead impactful communication campaigns that resonate with audiences with the online Flexible Master of Arts in Communication program from Queens University of Charlotte.

In our communication program, you’ll receive guided mentorship from faculty that includes seasoned communication experts versed in cutting-edge communication strategies and principles. This approach prepares you to become a communication strategist who drives action, delivers results, and stands out to leading employers.

Every field relies on communication, which makes our MA in Communication graduates valuable to an array of employers. Join us online to develop the communication talents needed to thrive in marketing, public relations, community affairs, education, and numerous other fields.

Queens University’s students benefit from the best of both worlds, gaining theoretical knowledge to become subject matter experts while building practical experience for career success. Plus, we structure our online and flexible courses to foster faculty engagement, peer collaboration, and impressive flexibility.

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Choose From Two Optional Concentrations

Tailor your education to your professional goals with concentrations in:

Strategic Communication

Learn to create, deploy, and manage communication strategies that deliver positive results.

Organizational Communication

Build your team and group dynamics expertise to personalized strategies for specific audiences.

We also offer these concentration courses in two standalone certificate programs.

Follow Our Faculty to the Forefront of Strategic Communication

Learn from expert communication practitioners who enable you to develop results-driven communication strategies. The online courses build on communication theory with hands-on assignments for developing next-level expertise. You’ll have the option to create an online portfolio, enabling you to showcase your abilities to employers after graduation. The course options include:

Explore the scientific, interpretive, rhetorical, and critical research approaches used to understand communication problems and processes.

Delve into the theory and digital technologies that enable you to enhance intercultural communication in a global society.

Learn about digital technology’s role in the formation of communities with an emphasis on social and participatory media.

Examine the relationship between leadership and communication, including how leaders present reality to followers.

Thrive in Our Supportive Online Community

Our online programs provide the flexibility to learn from anywhere, and you won’t study alone. We’ll support your success from the day you apply to the first day of class and through graduation. Throughout your program, you’ll benefit from small class sizes that foster constructive conversation and more engagement between your peers and instructors. Plus, maximize the convenience and impact of your program with mobile access to courses, instant messaging, and 24/7 tech support.

Create Communication Strategies to Reach Diverse Audiences

Join the Flexible MA in Communication program to gain the expertise to lead communication initiatives that resonate with people across mediums and communities. After graduation, you’ll be ready to seek a variety of in-demand positions, including advertising, promotions, and marketing management positions projected to grow 10% from 2020 to 2030.2

5 In-Demand Communication Careers

  1. Advertising, promotions, and marketing manager: $133,380 per year2
  2. Public relations and fundraising manager: $119,860 per year3
  3. Media communications manager: $68,019 per year4
  4. Communications manager: $67,806 per year5
  5. Digital marketing manager (social media): $64,046 per year6

Preparing Students to Lead Purposeful, Fulfilling Lives

Founded in 1857, Queens University of Charlotte provides personalized education with a global perspective. We offer an array of online programs in in-demand fields, emphasizing experiential learning experiences while helping you develop meaningful relationships with your instructors and peers in our community.

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The program offered an entirely new type of knowledge and skills that I didn’t have and taught me to be more strategic in my approach.
– Jim Schoff, Graduate, MA in Communication

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The Queens University online graduate programs are approved for most states in the US, but are still awaiting full approval from a few select states. Please request more information or visit the state restrictions to determine if you are located in a state in which Queens University can confer a degree.