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Are you ready to advance into administrative leadership or principal positions? If so, see what you can achieve by seeking the Master of Arts in Educational Leadership degree online with Queens University of Charlotte. You’ll prepare for education leadership roles to solve today’s most pressing K-12 challenges.

With this online program, you’ll develop leadership and analytical abilities for leading improvements to teacher performance while enhancing student outcomes. After finishing the program, you’ll have qualifications for becoming a principal or administrative leader ready to create positive change within schools and the field of education overall.

Queens University offers online classes with small groups of students, letting you work directly with our experienced faculty. Their support and mentorship can prepare you to follow in their footsteps by beginning a rewarding career in educational leadership.

Queens University’s students benefit from the best of both worlds, gaining theoretical knowledge to become subject matter experts while building practical experience for career success. Plus, we structure our online and flexible courses to foster faculty engagement, peer collaboration, and impressive flexibility.

CAEP Accredited

N.C. Licensure Alignment

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Online Courses That Provide a Path to Licensure*

Queens University delivers this program in an interactive online environment that is flexible and impactful, providing qualifications for K-12 principal licensure in North Carolina. Plus, complete assignments focusing on hands-on training so that you’re ready to address the daily challenges school administrators face.

This online program is accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP), affirming the quality education you’ll experience. Some of the courses include:

Examine models for establishing strong relationships between schools and stakeholders, including family partnership programs, business outreach, and civic engagement.

See how to lead traditional school cultures and professional learning communities, gaining knowledge for developing continuous improvement plans.

Learn procedures for gathering and synthesizing data to make sound instructional decisions and strategies for assisting teachers with assessments that help improve student achievement.

Explore various supervision challenges, including the paradigm shift toward coaching teachers who emphasize professional growth.

Thrive in Our Supportive Online Community

Our online programs provide the flexibility to learn from anywhere, and you won’t study alone. We’ll support your success from the day you apply to the first day of class and through graduation. Throughout your program, you’ll benefit from small class sizes that foster constructive conversation and more engagement between your peers and instructors. Plus, maximize the convenience and impact of your program with mobile access to courses, instant messaging, and 24/7 tech support.

Qualify for Rewarding Leadership Positions to Improve Education

American schools will seek more than 22,000 K-12 principals each year from 2020 to 2030, according to projections from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This employment growth makes now an excellent time to prepare for these positions, which offer a median salary of $98,420 per year.1

Top 5 Traits of Talented Principals2

  1. Prioritize education
  2. Offer a clear vision for success
  3. Strong communication skills
  4. Inspire faculty to improve
  5. Act with confidence

Preparing Students to Lead Purposeful, Fulfilling Lives

Founded in 1857, Queens University of Charlotte provides personalized education with a global perspective. We offer an array of online programs in in-demand fields, emphasizing experiential learning experiences while helping you develop meaningful relationships with your instructors and peers in our community.

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*Students living outside North Carolina should review their state’s requirements for licensure and are encouraged to check with their school districts and state DOE to confirm transferability and reciprocity.

The Queens University online graduate programs are approved for most states in the US, but are still awaiting full approval from a few select states. Please request more information or visit the state restrictions to determine if you are located in a state in which Queens University can confer a degree.