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10:1 Student-to-Faculty Ratio

4 Tracks of Study

CCNE Accredited

A Flexible MSN for Working Nurses

Gain the skills to lead or educate the next generation of nurses by seeking your MSN with Queens University of Charlotte. This online program fits into busy schedules, enabling you to advance your education as you continue to work as a registered nurse and meet your personal obligations.

Queens University’s expert nursing faculty helps you acquire the expertise needed to evaluate and improve healthcare. You can choose from four career-aligned tracks to become a nurse leader, administrator, educator, or informatics professional. The program has no campus residency requirement, and you can complete your clinical at a location near you.

In addition to programs for nurses with a BSN, Queens offers an RN to MSN pathway to help students with an active RN license earn a master’s degree in just over two years.

Queens University’s students benefit from the best of both worlds, gaining theoretical knowledge to become subject matter experts while building practical experience for career success. Plus, we structure our online and flexible courses to foster faculty engagement, peer collaboration, and impressive flexibility.

  • Nearly 200,000 nursing job openings per year from 2020 to 20302
  • The top 10% of registered nurse salaries exceed $120,000 per year2
  • The top 10% of nurse educator salaries exceed $125,000 per year3
  • 1 million RNs are projected to retire from 2017 to 2030, raising the need for leaders to make nursing more efficient4

Four MSN Tracks and Post-Master’s Certificates

Queens’ online MSN program offers four distinct tracks, letting you customize your course of study for your career aspirations. Plus, nurses who previously earned an MSN can pursue a post-master’s certificate to access careers in the following areas, finishing in two or three semesters.

Prepare to lead efforts to improve patient outcomes and make care more efficient. The courses focus on skills needed to bridge the divide between patients and interdisciplinary teams, supporting efforts to implement evidence-based care.

We designed this track for nurses aspiring to join executive teams within health systems. You’ll develop nursing and business knowledge to manage healthcare access, costs, and quality.

Apply your professional experience to lead classes that prepare other nurses to excel in this profession. You’ll learn how to develop curricula, apply proven teaching strategies, and evaluate educational programs.

Develop innovative skills to harness big health data, support efforts to enhance healthcare decision-making, and improve patient care. You’ll also learn to implement communications systems that enhance clinical workflows and data collection efforts.

Preparing Students to Lead Purposeful, Fulfilling Lives

Founded in 1857, Queens University of Charlotte provides personalized education with a global perspective. We offer an array of online programs in in-demand fields, emphasizing experiential learning experiences while helping you develop meaningful relationships with your instructors and peers in our community.

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Thrive in Our Supportive Online Community

Our online programs provide the flexibility to learn from anywhere, and you won’t study alone. We’ll support your success from the day you apply to the first day of class and through graduation. Throughout your program, you’ll benefit from small class sizes that foster constructive conversation and more engagement between your peers and instructors. Plus, maximize the convenience and impact of your program with mobile access to courses, instant messaging, and 24/7 tech support.

Take Online Courses Taught by Nursing Leaders

Queens University’s expert faculty sets our online MSN program apart. Our courses are taught by nurse leaders committed to improving patient care — learn from their experience as you prepare to manage or educate nurses during the next stage of your career. Because we offer small class sizes, you will receive direct support from our faculty throughout your program.

Our MSN program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE), which indicates the high quality of our curriculum. The traditional MSN program includes six core courses, followed by six courses in the track you choose. If you select the RN-MSN pathway, you will begin with two additional bridge courses.

Improving Patient Care Can Become Your Career Focus

The World Health Organization called 2020 the Year of the Nurse,5 and with good reason. Nurses play central roles in caring for more than 35,000 patients admitted to hospitals each year.6 With the online MSN from Queens University, you can develop skills for positions that focus on making the nursing profession more efficient and impactful. Engage in flexible online courses that enable you to lead clinical operations, contribute to executive teams, and educate future generations.

10 Nursing Careers, Ranked by Salary

  • Nursing director: $93,620 per year7
  • Clinical nurse manager: $84,971 per year8
  • Clinical nurse leader: 84,041 per year9
  • Nursing informatics specialist: $83,935 per year10
  • Nurse educator: $82,040 per year3
  • Clinical director: $80,402 per year11
  • Clinical educator: $78,955 per year12
  • Nurse case manager: $75,337 per year13
  • Healthcare administrator: $69,503 per year14
  • Nursing instructor: $63,749 per year15

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The Queens University online graduate programs are approved for most states in the US, but are still awaiting full approval from a few select states. Please request more information or visit the state restrictions to determine if you are located in a state in which Queens University can confer a degree.